Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Weekly Open Bar

it's been while--I've been spending my time and money on not-so-$$-conscious activities such as snowboarding in mammoth and tahoe and lavish dinners at the hollywood hideaway Cafe des Artistes(grab a table in the lush back garden, forget the fancy foie gras appetizer and go for the 5 cheese mac'n'cheese), Grace(check out Wednesday's Donut Shoppe Night featuring pastry chef Elizabeth Belkin's assortment of designer doughnut creations), and Sushi Katsu-ya (just like Koi...if Koi was in the valley, in a strip mall and half the price. the spicy tuna topped crispy rice cakes are worth enduring the 101 traffic).

However, I was compelled to take a break from my February spend-a-thon when I stumbled upon wonderful link for those with a high alcohol tolerance and low cash flow. As a fellow appreciator of cocktails--in particular, free cocktails--my friend Jessie enlightened me about this site which lists open bar events going on around town for the week.

This selfless site is your guide to cash-free, (possibly watered-down) vodka tonics and red wine. The benefits don't end there, since the free booze usually comes in conjunction with some art/store/bar/music opening, the site even supplies you with an artistic activity to attend. You have a good chance to discover a new artist or venue but even if they suck, the price of a free drink is merely looking at bad art while you sip it down. Not a bad deal.

Check out listings for LA this week at Open Bar and start your free booze- hopping with the 5hr open bar at the Thinkspace Gallery event this Friday.

Non LA'ers in the Big Apple can check out for NY listings.

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