Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cha Cha Cha-Ching!: Cheapo Happy Hour Tapas & Sangria

I really wish LA was a public transportation type of city, I’m discovering so many great happy hour specials that I could put to much better use if I knew I could hop on a speedy subway to get there and then just stay sober enough to stumble into another one to get home.

Instead, the we have to deal with several L.A.-centric Happy Hour Obstacles just for the chance to enjoy that $2 pitcher special:
a) first, being so spread out, just finding a central location between your group of Happy Hour’ing peeps is hard enough
b) ‘rushing’ at 3mph through rush hour traffic in an attempt to arrive in time for happy hour
c) finding parking during the same peak hour traffic
and d) even when finally enjoying happy hour, resisting that third dollar-off drink with your name on it so you can still safely drive home.

LA Happy Hour: sometimes not-so-happy.

With my current freelance gig way in the Valley and Zach working late’ish at his new law office in West Hollywood (his own newly opened Schorr law firm!...I'm so proud), we both made it to WeHo’s Cha Cha Cha at 6:48pm with 12 precious happy hour minutes to spare.

Inside, the colorful, Caribbean-flavored décor—tiki-hut looking bar, warm colored walls, sea-shell lights, cigar box murals—creates a festive backdrop for an inviting happy hour pit-stop probably more appropriate for sipping cerveza’s than for a serious sitdown meal.

While the adjoining restaurant was sprinkled with diners here and there, the bar side of the spot filled up quickly with fellow early imbibers.
Cha Cha Cha is already easy enough on the wallet after the 7pm happy hour cut off time, but the Caribbean restaurant & bar probably boasts one of the better happy hour deals in its area.

We ordered up $2 sangrias and pro-active Zach also got a $2 house cabernet for girlfriend Tara who was arriving post-happy hour. Feeling snacky, we perused the ‘happy tapas’ menu and to our delight, discovered we could order one of every item on the menu for less than $20 total!

Drunk with (purchasing) power—the sangria’s hadn’t hit yet—we were tempted to spend all of our pocket change just so we could say ‘one of everything on the menu’ but refrained with just the jerk chicken pizza ($5), calamari ($3) and chips and salsa ($1).

The pizza was good with thick strips of white meat chicken and unsoggy crust doused in spicy jerk sauce and the calamari was ungreasy and not barfood’ish at all.
We stayed until 9:30pm with another round or two between the three of us. By the time we got up to leave, we'd only spent $22 total (and three happy hours) at Cha Cha Cha.

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