Friday, April 04, 2008

Sally Sells Seychelles By The Sea Shore - Seychelles Warehouse Sale!

Try saying that 5 times. Or better yet, just buy 5 pairs of new shoes.

You'll have to excuse the liberal use of the exclamation points but I just got back from the warehouse sale--with 10,000 pairs of Seychelles and BC Footwear Shoes to choose from!! Shoes for $30! Boots for $50! Cheap enough to revamp your entire shoe wardrobe for under $200!--and am still experiencing post-shoe-purchasing euphoria!! Especially because I'm already a big fan of Seychelles Shoes!! In fact, it's been over a year of non-blogging laziness but the warehouse sale (and one of my new years resolutions made 4 months ago) has compelled me to start writing about my sunny days a la mode again.

The two day warehouse sale started at 10am. I arrived at the warehouse at 10:22am to see two women already leaving the building with 12 shoeboxes each. Although alarmed that meant there were 24 less pairs of shoes to choose from, I also took that as a good sign that the selection mustn't be half bad.

After a 10 minute wait (and about 25 people in front of me), I was in. And Seychelles heaven it was! Row upon row of their signature suede roundtoe pumps, platform Mary Janes, funky knee-high boots and leather flats greeted me, each glowing with a "buy me for only $30!" allure. Kitschy style names such as "Don't Waste My Time" (leather Mary Janes with a triangular 3" heel) and "One Night Only" (ankle boots with buckle detailing) only adds to the appeal.

Not much one for pushy claustophoby crowds nor bloody catfights over the last gotta-have 7 1/2 heel, I'm not a frequent warehouse or sample sale goin' gal so I have no idea if this was typical but I was impressed with:

A) The orderly classification of all the shoes (no digging into bottomless bins here).

Each row was highly organized with all of the available sizes in their respective shoeboxes stacked underneath each sample shoe. Differing colors were arranged by columns. Each style of shoe was where it was supposed to be and inside each shoebox was the right size, style, color and one left and right shoe. For those who say "But duh! That's simple!"...have you ever gone to a Shoe Pavillion or DSW? Disorderly. Nightmare.

B) The grand selection of styles and sizes.

Not just an excuse to get rid of last winter's stock, the warehouse sale included styles which are currently on the Seychelles website and at Urban Outfitters for triple the price. Sizes weren't just reserved for the tiny and the behemoth...amongst the size 5-12's, there were just as many sizes in between. I am a size 7 1/2 or 8 and I found my size for every shoe I tried on.

C) The other Seychelle Warehouse shoppers.

Although everyone had a steely 'woman with a mission' focus in the eyes, this was the most civilized group of warehouse shoppers I've come across. No squabbling over who grabbed the shoebox first, no fighting for the two mirrors in the entire warehouse. Instead, we all patiently waited our turn to scour through the shoeboxes or for a glimpse in the mirror, unwanted shoes were returned back at their proper place as opposed to the nearest pile of shoes, females gave each other unsolicited "ooh, those look cute" and "there's more shoes on sale for only $10 over there" comments. many called their friends to describe and buy shoes for them over the phone, and I even asked a random stranger to try on a pair of flats to see how they looked with jeans, which she happily complied even though she was carrying 5 shoeboxes in her hands and was a size 10. It was as if this best warehouse sale ever also brought out everyone's best behavior.

The pay line goes fast and they accept cash or credit card. I left with 5 pairs of shoes--for a mere $150, that's $30 each with tax included!--and a new dilemma of which new pair to wear first (hhhmm my purple "Happily Ever After" faux croc heels or my shimmery "Starter Husband" ballet flats?")

The two day warehouse sale goes on until 5pm today and starts up again tomorrow from 10am-4pm. Those looking to build on their Imelda Marcos-inspired footwear collection should there early to avoid the lines and before everything gets bought out. On average, most shoppers walked out with about 6-8 pairs of shoes each. For more info on the warehouse sale, check out Daily Candy's weekend guide


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