Thursday, July 27, 2006

Action-Packed Sunday Part 2: Gluttony at Gladstones in Malibu

After our 5 mile hike and 15 minute swim--practically a marathon--Chaya and I were ready for lunch. We decided to stop at the closest restaurant on PCH. We ended up veto'ing Duke's (an hour wait for not that appetizing lunch buffet), Moonshadows (the 2pm red velvet rope wasn't the scene were looking for), Reel Inn (although we love it, and I hear they may be closing soon if they don't get enough petition signers) and ended up at Gladstones.

After being informed of the hour wait, we walked inside and immediately found seats at the bar. Negating any positive effects of our earlier hike, we ordered sweet, high-school appropriate frozen drinks (Pina Colada and Mudslides), oyster shooters (Gladstone's Original: Oysters topped with Bloody Mary Mix, vodka and olives) and ate about a pound of salted peanuts (this Malibu spot is down-home enough to allow patrons to throw shells onto the floor!) while we waited for our gigantic bowls of salad (El Paso Shrimp Salad with mango, avocado and jicama for Chaya, Seafood Cobb with smoked salmon, oysters, crab meat and shrimp for me).
Sitting at the bar has it's perks. Our awesome bartender threw in a cosmo shot and the most magnificent, glistening bowl of sweet, fresh strawberries topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. I was expecting Gladstones to be touristy, cheesy and overpriced--and in some ways it was--but it's a fun enough atmosphere with strong enough drinks and generous enough portions to more than make up for it. We were very glad to have our post-hike lunch at Gladstones.
Drinks, shooters, unlimited peanuts and lunch: $30 each


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