Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Finding (Milkshake) Heaven at Lucky Devils

Last week I dropped by the new upscale late night diner, Lucky Devils to meet with the Lucky Devil himself--Lucky Vanous (for those who don't remember Lucky and his abs got their initial 15 minutes in those 90's Diet Coke commercials as the hot construction worker all the office ladies were drooling over).

I sat down with him with the initial plan to ask him a few questions for a profile I'm writing on his newly opened Hollywood Blvd spot but instead, ended up sampling several of his microbrews....and then tipsily sampling Lucky Devil's entire selection of homemade desserts with him (like 8 different sweet treats)...so, in this case, the devil really did make me do it.

The casual eatery serves up upscale classic American fare in an unpretentious, modern diner setting (ignore the cheesy Lucky Devils cartoon logo outside and enter into a minimalist interior with walnut counters and mod'ish white seating).

Although it's also open for lunch and dinner, the 3am closing time, alcohol-absorbing comfort food and convenient locale (stumbling distance to a bunch of clubs along Las Palmas and the Cahuenga corridor) makes Lucky Devil's a heaven-sent pit-stop to hit up after last call.

Although a tad pricey for post-clubbing grubbing--their signature bleu cheese Kobe burger is $16--hungry hipsters chowing down on the gourmet comfort food don’t seem to mind. The sinful, carb-heavy comfort food is gussied up with deluxe, organic-leaning ingredients so you can feel better about loading up on a 2:30am burger run.

There's also fancy-schmancy grilled cheese sandwiches with artisan cheddar, slow-cooked chili cheese fries and organic Cobb salad (which are more affordably priced, all between $5-10, and to be fair, you really should be splitting the substantial Kobe burger at that time of the night, which would make it a more reasonable $8).And if you come before last call, they've got a bunch of microbrews and organic wines to pick from.

Desserts are courtesy of former AOC pastry chef, Karla Lomeli--I tried everything, including Meyer lemon cupcakes, Kentucky buttermilk cake with cream cheese frosting, organic apple crumble and steamed chocolate cake with vanilla-cinnamon 'goo'--and they all taste as good as they look.

But if you only have $5 left in your pocket, forget spending it on fries ($4.95) or splitting the Kobe burger between three of you ($5.33 each)...or even saving it for drunken cab fare afterwards for that matter. Spend it on their amazing Toasted Pecan frozen custard shake with Madagascar-vanilla flecked frozen custard ($4.95)

Perfectly thick, not overly sweet, flavorfully pecan'y, mildly custardy and subtlely vanilla'y. If you blew your cab fare on my recommendation, I stand by it. The frozen custard shake is worth the walk.

Lucky whipped me up a shake on Monday night and I made a return visit with a girlfriend on Thursday night just to suck down more of that sublime-tasting shake. And I can't wait to party along Las Palmas just so we can end the night with a Toasted Pecan flavored nightcap afterwards. It's that good

Lucky Devils
6613 Hollywood Blvd

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