Monday, January 23, 2006

Hello Operator, Free 411 Please

Remember the days when finding out a phone number didn't cost an arm and a leg? (Albeit, cheap arm and leg body parts at $1.49 per 411 call). Well, let me rewind back time my friends.

A friend of mine recently turned me on to 1800 FREE-411 and believing it's a citizen's basic right to inquire about phone numbers for free, I am spreading the word.

Yup, 1800 FREE-411 works like the real thing....and just the like the real thing, if you prefer to request your desired number from a human being rather than Lady Robot Voice; just mumble nonsensical words after you hear "City and State please", and the computerized operator will get frustrated and transfer you to an actual person.

So, 411 away and buy yourself a cup of coffee with the money saved. (For Starbucks or Coffee Bean, you'll have to inquire about a handful of numbers before you earn that vanilla soy latte though.)

1800 FREE-411

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